Top Tips for Building Your Child’s Self-Esteem

Low self-esteem is something that many adolescents suffer from as they move into puberty and through the teenage years. While many parents feel that their kids will grow out of those awkward years and into themselves in time, it doesn’t always work that way. There are many factors that affect how your children see themselves, and low self-esteem can lead to long-term issues, if not met head on. Luckily, there are things you as a parent can do to help build your child’s self-esteem to where it should be. With that being said, read on below for a few tips to help.

Get Them into a Program
While this may seem a little extreme, many children have benefited from being enrolled in a program that helps them to build their self-esteem. The experts at Mission Harbor Behavioral Health, for example, have a Santa Barbara adolescent program that helps 12 to 17 year old’s who suffer with issues related to low self-esteem, so they can get back on the right track to a great future.

Help Your Child Find an Activity he is Passionate About
Whether it’s dancing, painting, singing, or writing, everyone has something they are good at. Help your child find that talent and encourage that passion. Just make sure your child is motivated to rise higher in the activity he loves. As he rises through the ranks, you’ll see a huge difference in his self-esteem. Be encouraging, but firm when making sure he practices, as well.

Criticize Constructively
No one, child, teenager, or adult, likes to be told that they are doing something wrong, but it does happen. It’s important to ensure that you are delivering criticism constructively, instead of it looking like you are jumping on your teen. For example, if your child fails a biology test, talk to them nicely about it and try to help, instead of playing the blame game.

Encourage Your Child’s Opinions
As parents, we all know that teenagers have opinions about everything. While you don’t want to encourage your teens talking back, you do want to encourage them to have opinions of their own. Ask for your teens opinions and let them help to make the decisions that affect their life. As they get older, teens want to be treated like adults. It’s important to give them the opportunity to enter your grown-up world. Ask and listen to what they have to say when it comes to family decisions, you might just be surprised as some of the great ideas they have.

Give this book to your kids.

Give them the precious gift of confidence and self esteem!

Stay Connected
In today’s modern world, it’s easier than ever to stay connected with your kids, even when they aren’t at home. Texting is a great way to stay in contact throughout the day. Don’t forget that face-to-face communication with your kids is important as well, however.
These are just a few of the top ways that you can help your child to increase their self-esteem. As a teenager, the world is often your enemy, helping them to increase their self-esteem in positive ways is the best way to teach them how to be a confident, responsible adult.



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