Tips for Raising a Self Confident Kid

Tips for Raising a Self Confident Kid

Kis have always had to deal with things that affect their self-confidence. A bad haircut, wearing glasses, or even having a different accent than those around them could all cause kids to feel bad about themselves. Kids have trouble dealing with the way they think they are viewed by others. It’s time for a change. Here are some tips to help you raise a   kid.

Work on Their Self-Esteem

It is important that you work on building your child’s self-esteem. As you are your child’s first teacher, you need to discover the things that they are passionate about and good at and proceed to encourage them to pursue those passions. And, as with everything, mistakes will be made. Help your kids understand that making mistakes is how people learn to be better. And, of course, let them know what areas they need to work on without being overbearing and overly critical. It’s better to have an understanding heart when things go wrong than to be a tyrannical monster at each and every turn. This way you can build a good line of communication, thus enhancing your relationship with your child. 

Encourage Them to Talk to You

As gross and uncool as it may be to your child while they are growing into their teen years, you should encourage open communication. Having a trusted adult to talk to can make all the difference in the world when times get tough. This is especially true when kids start to deal with peer pressure to experiment or play around with illegal narcotics or underage drinking.

For anyone seeking assistance with this topic or if you are afraid your child might be developing a problem, clinics for teen help near Santa Barbara, (or in your local area if you are not in Southern California) are in place to help people overcome and recover from their substance abuse dependence.

When kids fall victim to these types of activities it can become difficult for them to talk with their family members. And even if this is the case, reassure them that you are just trying to help them make healthy choices. When they feel down on their luck, be the rock they need. 

Give Them Support

One of the most important things for a growing adolescent is having a good foundation of support. They need to know that their parent(s) are always in their corner and will have their back in good and in bad times. The role of a parent has many objectives and being supportive is one of them. Raising a self-confident kid takes time and effort but it’s worth it in the end when you see how well they have grown. Lending an ear and giving advice when asked can strengthen the bonds you have with your child. Just be sure to not be overbearing when it comes to your life experiences and lectures. 

Know When Enough is Enough

As a parent, you know some things and yes, your kid can stand to learn a thing or two from you so they don’t repeat your past mistakes. Remember, it’s okay to give advice when your little one comes to you asking important questions. Try to also remember that if you toss out judgment along with your advice, it does get old. Everyone is entitled to their own lives and to live it how they see fit. This is as true for your child as it was for you. 

Being a fantastic parent takes some rolling with the punches and embracing the “figuring it out along the way” approach to life. Learn to know when enough is enough and give your child the space they need to soak in any information you’ve provided. Learn to be okay living on standby. When they want or need to know more, they will come back and ask. 

It can be overwhelming, trying to raise your kid to have good self-esteem. Just remember: it takes time and effort by all participants. Do your part by providing support, encouraging open lines of communication and letting them know it’s okay to make mistakes. They’ll do their part by learning from you and growing up into awesome and self-assured adults.

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