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How Can I Help You?

Connection is everything

Here are some ideas I have for helping you, which ones do you like?

  • Create a library of self help resources for you
  • Create a membership site where you can get personal help from me
  • Create and update articles that will help you change your life
  • Recommend course/ products that make a huge difference
  • Create an archive of all my past newletter messages and give you access to them

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New Project – My New Creative Art and Astrophotography

I love photographing nature and space. I am creating new images of the Moon, of Nebulae, and Galaxies. I want to share my wonder of life and the Universe with you! My works are for sale as NFTs and proceeds will help my work and go to support the protection of dark skies around the world.

Check out my Profile and my work on Mintable

The Milky Way Galaxy
WhatsApp Image 2020-10-23 at 18.18.28
The Orion Nebula

I’d love to hear how you are going to be more creative this week. Creativity is important for all of us!

Have a great week!