Esteem Boosting Tips For Those With Disabilities

When you live life with a disability, it’s not always easy to feel like you’re in the right place.  It’s easy to get down on yourself, and it’s easy to lose your mental path of positivity. Self esteem for disabilities seems difficult, but your disability doesn’t have to dictate your life.  Of course, there are situations you cannot control.  

However, you can take action to overcome the mental disruption of living with a disability.  Take some time now to check out this brief look at some ways to build your self-esteem, and start living your best life now. Check this for more about how important self-esteem is for your mental health.  

Maximize your positive perspective 

When you speak to or about yourself, try to make a conscious effort to minimize the negativity.  Focus on the things you excel at doing, and don’t worry as much about your limitations.  

Everyone has things that they are really good at doing and things that they aren’t the best at doing.  This is not a suggestion to ignore the fact that you have a disability, but to reframe the way you see yourself. Self esteem for disabilities is possible! 

Begin setting realistic goals for the future

When you set goals for yourself, be realistic.  For instance, if you are still healing from a serious truck accident injury, then you can’t set a goal to run a mile each day.  It’s unrealistic. Set small goals that lead to a larger end goal, and move at your own pace.  

Forward progress is what will keep you going in life.  You should always be doing something to better your current situation, even if it’s something as simple as buying the plush toilet paper over the off-brand.  

Don’t compare yourself to others 

Avoid making unrealistic comparisons between yourself and others.  We are all individuals. Everyone’s life, body, and mind are different.  Comparing yourself to others is flawed logic.  

Instead, compare yourself to yourself.  Where were you a year ago? Have you taken steps to move forward in your life?  Focus more on your individual needs for success, and direct your efforts that way.  

Take care not to isolate 

It’s easy to isolate yourself from others when you are living with a disability.  Though you may have people coming in and out of your life for medical reasons, you may avoid making meaningful connections.  

Don’t put yourself in the position to be lonely. Isolation can lead to some very dark thoughts and emotions.  It’s always best to keep talking. Talking about an issue takes the power out of it.  

Make healthy choices for your body 

You’re already living life with a disability.  Don’t put yourself at another disadvantage by putting unhealthy things in your body.  Do your best to eat a healthy diet, and don’t indulge too often.  

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