Self Esteem Songs: Songs to Boost Your Self-Worth

Self esteem songs are said to help boost self-worth and confidence. They can also be used as a tool to help people with depression and other mental illnesses.

According to Paul Evers (2016), listening to positive songs enhances self-esteem and encourages a more positive attitude. Evers also mentions how the positive effects of music have a long history stretching back as far as the ancient Greeks.

There are quite a few self esteem songs by different artists. These singers may not be aware of the effects of their music on the person listening to it, but they should know that the music they sing is helping someone feel better about themselves.

The songs that make you feel good are those that contain empowering words such as those often found in rap music.

I find it fascinating how the power of music can change a person’s mood. It always seems to be the perfect remedy when I am feeling down or can’t get out of bed in the morning. In fact, following serious depression over several years some time back, I started listening to relaxing new age music and the effect on me was profound. Not only did I find it calmed me and reduced my stress and anxiety, but it also made me more positive. Thank you so much to the artists, such as Enya, who really had a positive effect on my mental health and well-being!

The power of music has been studied for decades and many researchers have concluded that there are some “feel-good” songs that people listen to when they want to feel better about themselves or their situation.

Some of the Best Self-esteem Songs

There are so many more inspiring songs to check out but these above will immediately change your mood.

Songs About Self Love

Back in 2017, in Korea, a pop group called BTS started a campaign to help promote self esteem. The “Love Myself Campaign” was built around Nethaniel Branden’s well-known six pillars of self esteem. This article discusses the impact of the songs released as part of this campaign. The four songs in the campaign promote messages such as self acceptance, loving oneself, assertiveness, responsibility and purpose and according to the author of the article the songs are in alignment with Nethaniel Branden’s pillars which boost self esteem. The article lacks data but states the opinion that the love myself campaign was very successful and that it helped many who listened to the songs.

Introduction – Learn about the importance of self-esteem and its benefits

Self-esteem is the way we think and feel about ourselves. It’s a fundamental human need that is essential for a fulfilling life. The importance of self-esteem cannot be understated as it has been linked to a whole host of positive outcomes in life – from mental health and well-being to career success.

Self-esteem provides many benefits, but just what are they? This article outlines 3 main effects of high self-esteem:

1) Mental Health + Well-being

2) Self-Esteem

3) Career Success.

Songs About Self Care That Will Help You Look After Yourself

Self care is important for everyone, but especially those with mental health problems. Why not use some of your favorite songs to help you while you are doing it?

Self care is something that we should all do. It’s a way of looking after ourselves and making sure that we are getting what we need from the world around us. Unfortunately, self care can sometimes be hard to do because it can feel like the last thing you want to do when you are feeling low. That’s why it’s so important to make self care feel good as well as necessary. One way of doing this is by using songs that remind you of times in your life when you were at your happiest – or at least made you feel better about yourself.

Hopefully, these songs will give you a little boost today!

How do I Improve My Self Esteem with songs?

Music has a powerful effect on our self-esteem. It can decrease it or boost it depending on the kind of song you listen to.

For example, listening to a song about how good you are can boost your self esteem while listening to a song about how bad you are will lower it.

This article, Songs for Elementary Emotional Development (SEED), discusses a program for education that included 11 songs with the aim of promoting self esteem and self-awareness in children in a classroom setting. Materials in the guidance pack included discussion activities based on the songs and their lyrics. This program also aimed to establish a positive attitude in the children through these songs.

Self-esteem is a key component of one’s self-image. There are many ways in which one can improve their self-esteem: from taking care of oneself physically to getting out there and accomplishing things.

People listen to music for various reasons, but one of the most common is to improve moods, whether they feel happy or sad. Music also has the ability to reduce stress levels and increase confidence and happiness, all while improving your moods through its lyrical content. Music is a form of therapy that allows you to escape from whatever is bothering you at the time, whether it be your worries about school or work or just your general anxiety over how other people perceive you.

Can Songs Help You With Low Self Esteem?

All of us at some point in our lives have dealt with a period where we have low self-esteem. This can be due to a number of things – whether it be bullying, or just being surrounded by people who don’t see your worth. That is why there are countless stories and articles that claim music can help boost self-esteem, by listening to a song that you love or an artist that makes you feel strong.

In this article I am going to go over the top four ways music and self-esteem are related, and how we can use it to help ourselves during these hard times.

Listening to music can be a powerful way to raise self esteem. Music can transport you into a different place, distract you from negative thoughts and feelings, or soothe you in moments of stress or fear.

Listening to music is one of the most popular ways people boost their mood. It has been proven that music can have an instant positive effect on your mood – even if it’s just for a few minutes at a time.

Music has the power to do more than just make us feel better; it’s also been shown that it helps us process and manage our emotions and memories (link takes you to my fantastic new guide, Easy Self Healing Hacks which will teach you how to manage and overcome negative repressed emotions).

Which Songs Can Make You Feel More Confident?

Some songs make you feel confident in yourself – they give you a feeling of empowerment and strength. They can give you a feeling of being able to achieve anything in life no matter how hard it may seem.

Here is my list of top five songs that make me feel confident:

1. “Fight Song” by Rachel Platten: This song has lyrics that are about overcoming obstacles with determination and resilience. It makes me feel empowered to take control of my life and live it on my own terms. Watch what Rachel has to say about why she wrote this song.

2. “Roar” by Katy Perry: This song gives me a sense of believing that I am strong enough to overcome any obstacle that is thrown at me, no matter what it may be. Listen to the song here.

3. “You Are My Sunshine” – This video contains the positive feel-good lyrics of this old song. How does it make you feel?

The Effect of Music on Behaviour

Almost everyone has experienced that feeling of walking into a room and automatically lifting their head up with a confident demeanour. Music has the ability to make any situation or mood better when it is played in the background.

Research shows that music can have profound effects on mood, behaviour, and cognition. It can increase our confidence level by alleviating feelings of fear and stress. It also helps us feel more motivated and energetic.

Songs that make you feel confident are different for everyone.

Some people find that power anthems such as “I’m Too Sexy” by Right Said Fred, and “You Make Me Feel Like A Natural Woman” by Aretha Franklin give them a boost of confidence. Others may prefer songs with lyrics expressing personal growth, such as “Believer” by Imagine Dragons or “I Will Survive” by Gloria Gaynor.


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