New Age Music: How to Develop Self Esteem While Listening

When I was recovering from depression and low self esteem many years ago, I discovered how helpful listening to relaxing music could be. Each day I calmed myself with new age music such as Enya and so on. The healing power of music is important and provides instant and longer term results. Music can help you feel more connected and more understood, as well as inspire you. It is also a form of meditation which can benefit your health and state of mind.

I urge you to try listening to some of the music I suggest to help you relax and live a more positive life. The benefits to health and your mental well-being have been well researched and your self esteem can be affected positively by new age music and other relaxing forms of music and song. Check out how binaural audio can help you feel more positive and less stressed.

Music and Self Esteem


This is my selection of new age music which I find extremely relaxing, and beneficial to my mental well-being. New age music CDs are sold in association with Orders are fulfilled and shipped by, which guarantees you reliable service, fantastic prices and secure online ordering. Check back often for my latest choices. Most items are sold at 20% to 30% discount off the retail price! I will update choices often so check back again.


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I Love the wonderful music of Origen!

Ave Maria
~ Origen
Origen Ave Maria CDOne of my favourite new age music groups of recent years. I find their music inspiring and very soothing though at the same time it is powerful. Whenever I travel or want to relax and dream I switch this on and play it on my iphone, I love this group…

Lesiem – just awesome!

Mystic Spirit Voices
~ Lesiem

By far the best release of 2002. Lesiem take off where Enigma left off. You have to hear this CD to believe it. I loved it from the first note and melody. Any fans of Enigma, Era, Pilgrimage and Pink Floyd, do yourself a favor and if you buy 1 CD this year..make it Mystic Spirit Voices from Lesiem.

Wayne Gratz

A Place Without Noise
~ Wayne Gratz

A Place Without Noise is, as the title suggests, a solid choice to augment your quiet moments. –Terry Wood

Wayne Gratz has always been a master of understated piano compositions, and “A Place Without Noise”, his seventh collection of original piano solos for Narada, is perhaps his most peaceful and introspective album yet. The fourteen pieces are solo piano, piano with Paul Fleury accompanying on cello, or piano with synth washes. Each piece is a distinctive “vignette”, but the album as a whole maintains a calm and tranquil mood throughout. If you enjoy quiet piano pieces with a calming effect, you’ll love “A Place Without Noise”!

Listen to the inspiring music of Enya

A Day Without Rain
~ Enya

A Day Without Rain, Enya’s fourth release since her 1988 breakthrough, Watermark, establishes new artistic heights for the gifted Irish vocalist and keyboardist

Paint the Sky with Stars
~ Enya

“I love listening to Enya’s music, it makes me feel very calm and helps me relax after a rough day of work and school. I bought this album and I must say it’s a great collection of all her songs from previous albums. I’d highly recommend you buy this album to listen for a glimpse of what the other albums have in store for you, if you didn’t buy any of her previous albums.”

The Lord of the Rings
~ Howard Shore, Enya

The voices of the choir (almost reminiscent of Williams’ “Duel of the Fates”) and Enya’s melancholy laments are a nice touch. But though this soundtrack is dark, it is also grand and triumphant. It sweeps you through all the action and scenery of an excellent story. It also manages to capture the soul, depth, and feeling of Tolkien’s original masterpiece. As with all good music, words really can’t describe it. All in all, this CD is more than worth the cost. If you like the movie, like the book, or just like the sound of a powerful orchestra, you should get a copy of this CD.

Shepherd Moons – Enya

This is my absolute favourite Enya record. Whenever I want to sit quietly and reflect I put on this beautiful CD. If you haven’t got it you should have, I’m sure you’ll love it as much as I do. 

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