Editorial Policy

To ensure you, the reader, that all content published on this site is trustworthy and accurate, on this page you can find a description of the process any content goes through before being accepted and published.

The Process Each Piece of Content Goes Through Before Publishing

The process is as follows:

  • Research the topic
  • Writing the content
  • Checking the content
  • Consulting an expert if necessary
  • Publishing the content
  • Regularly reviewing the content and keeping it up to date


The majority of content is written by me, Karl Perera, published author, and editor of this website. If anyone else writes anything it is checked by myself and subjected to the same high standards as all my content.

Checking Content Before Publication

Written content is carefully checked for accuracy by myself and/ or by my panel of experts including Psychologist Dr. Ingrid Schweiger, Medical Professor Dr. Nazif Elaldi, Counsellor Sam McCloud or Psychologist Dr. Wong Huey Siew.

Any sensitive material of a medical or psychological nature is not published on this website, but if anything needs to be checked by an expert to ensure its accuracy and to ensure all material can be trusted, the experts above are consulted.

Trustworthiness of Content and Facts

Wherever possible content is supported with reference to academic studies, research and journal articles. Links to authority sources online such as medical websites ensure that the reader can access more detailed information on related topics not covered on this website. I hope that links to these sources also improves the credibility of the information on this website.

Publication of Content

Any content published on this website must meet the following standards:

  • Must be fact based with verifiable information backed up by authoritative sources and high quality references to academic studies, articles and research.
  • Where possible, links to further information on highly respected websites is included so that the reader can go deeper into any related topic. Only top quality and helpful websites are selected as links within the content and only if this will help the reader.

If you have any questions about this editorial policy please contact me Karl Perera.

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