8 Possible Reasons You’re Not Feeling Confident

We all have occasional days when we feel low levels of confidence. But what if you have low confidence on a regular basis?

Persistently low confidence can interfere with your overall feelings of self-worth. It can negatively affect your relationships and even limit what you’re able to accomplish in the world. 

So if you want to start living a better life and feeling better about yourself, it’s important to realize where your low confidence comes from – and start working on those issues.

Reasons You’re Not Feeling Confident

These are some of the most common reasons why people don’t feel confident in themselves:

1.       An uncomfortable smile. Our smile is our universal greeting. It determines how we look in photos. It helps shape our first impressions. And it plays a tremendous role in how we feel about ourselves. If you don’t feel good when you smile, or if you’re self-conscious about the way your teeth look, you may struggle to feel the level of confidence you deserve. Dental implants in West Palm Beach could be the solution; these permanent implants look and function like regular teeth, and they have the potential to completely overhaul your smile. It’s also important to realize that a smile is still just a small component of who you are, and you deserve to feel good about yourself even if you wish for better teeth.

2.       Body image issues. Some people struggle with confidence because of body image issues. If you think you’re too fat or too thin, or if you’re self-conscious about specific body quirks, you could end up with a lower self-worth. Some of these issues are somewhat within your control. For example, if you’re feeling down that you’re out of shape, you can spend more time exercising and making healthy food choices. But it’s also important to practice self-acceptance; you deserve love no matter what you look like.

3.       Lack of personal accomplishment. If you don’t have many personal accomplishments under your belt, it’s natural to feel low self-confidence. If you’re young, don’t sweat this too much; you’ll have plenty of time to achieve all your goals. Otherwise, turn your attention to smaller, more achievable accomplishments. You may not be able to become a millionaire this year, but you might be able to save $1,000, or change career paths, or do something incredible in one of your hobbies.

4.       Bad comparisons. As the old adage goes, “comparison is the thief of joy.” If you’re feeling low confidence, it could be because you’re negatively comparing yourself to others. If everyone on social media looks like they are more beautiful and more interesting than you, you might beat yourself up; but keep in mind that everyone has their own flaws and struggles. Try to focus more on your own life.

5.       Negative self-talk. Most of us have at least some experience with negative self-talk, but for some of us, this internal dialogue is overwhelming. If you constantly put yourself down and criticize yourself, there won’t be much room for you to feel good about yourself. Work on gradually correcting these impulses and replacing them with more positive affirmations.

6.       Perfectionism. Are you a perfectionist? If you’re obsessed with making everything perfect, you’ll never be satisfied with anything. That goes for yourself and your personality as well. Learn to accept your flaws and defects as reasonable, acceptable aspects of yourself instead of listing them as reasons to feel bad about yourself.

7.       Abusive or toxic people around you. Sometimes, people suffer from low confidence because of abusive or toxic people around them. If your friends, family members, or coworkers tell you that you’re worthless or point out your flaws constantly, they can take over your mind and make you feel like garbage. The best solution here is to find different people to surround yourself with.

8.       Genetics. Confidence can also be influenced by genetics and other factors beyond your control. Just keep in mind that you always have at least some influence over how you feel.

What You Can Do Today

Building a better foundation of confidence is something that takes years, especially if you have a traumatic past or decades of deep-seated issues. But there are some actionable steps you can take today to get started in the right direction:

·       Set and achieve a goal. Setting and achieving goals feels good no matter how big or ambitious those goals are. Start building some momentum to higher confidence by setting end achieving a realistic goal you can work on today, such as cleaning your garage or preparing meals for the week.

·       Practice a positive lifestyle change. Commit to a positive lifestyle change for at least the remainder of the day. For example, you can avoid sitting for too long or incorporate more vegetables into your diet.

·       Stand tall. Practice better posture. Scientific research suggests people who hold confident, big postures end up feeling more confident internally. Stand tall with your shoulders back and correct your position when you notice yourself slouching.

Low confidence doesn’t have to be an eternal curse. Regardless of where your low confidence comes from or how it manifests, there’s a way forward. With the right combination of self-care, achievement, improvement, and external support, you can get to a better mental and emotional place. 

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