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Building self esteem and confidence FAQ - Most frequently Asked Questions


I didn't really understand what the Self confidence CD trainer is and how to get it .What is really in it? Why should I buy it?

The self confidence trainer is two CDs (68 and 72 minutes long) and will help you to build and maintain your self confidence. A few things in the program:

- How to assess your confidence readiness for any situation
- Breaking with the past
- Learning to be confident
- 7 skills of naturally confident people
- How to think confidently
- Problems of positive thinking
- A confident view of the world
- How to relax in stressful moments
- Visualisation
- Hypnotic session to boost your confidence
- Training your brain for success
- Anxiety and stress beating tips
- 7 human needs for confidence
- Getting the most out of the trainer

There is so much here and much more than this including advice about how to really help yourself to become permanently more confident. I have used it myself and I think it is wonderful. I advise you to get it from this link, it will be the most positive step you take this year!

Get the Self Confidence Trainer CD


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