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Stop Thinking the Worst


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by Karl Perera

In this short article I would like to discuss how important it is to not think negatively and imagine the worst. Life is very predictable if you do because it will be terrible.

In defence of thinking the worst

If you always expect the worst to happen, this is not a bad thing in some respects. It is good to be prepared in case bad events happen and if it all goes well no harm.

I've heard some even say that if you expect the worst you will never be disappointed and if it turns out better than you anticipated you will be happy.

Let's look at the opposite view...

Why it is a bad idea to expect the worst

  • If you keep thinking negatively your mind subconsciously works to make what you expect happen. Without realising at some deep level you are working against yourself. This is self sabotage.
  • If you expect things to go badly you will not be surprised when they do and you will just shrug it off and say "I told you so.." You will have a feeling that your worries were justified. This creates two problems - you are more likely to be negative in future because you were proved right and you have self-programmed yourself to fail.
  • You are likely to give up easily..

  • You will not try with all your effort to succeed because you will think... what for?

  • This constant negative expectation will lead to you underachieving

  • Depression and lack of hope is more likely

  • You will miss opportunities

  • Your reality will be very different because your mind will be in negative mode

There are many ways to change your negative thinking and expectations...

Practical steps you can take to think more positively

  • My top tip is to download stop thinking the worst now - self-hypnosis works - try it today..

  • Make a list of the good things in your life right now - change your focus imediately

  • Check out these inspirational quotes

  • Take one step today towards change in the right direction no matter how small

  • Try some what ifs ..."what if I get that job...? What if it works better than I thought it would..?

Thinking positively is not about ignoring the reality. If things are bad you can acknowledge that, it is what you think about the future and your attitude towards being able to improve your situation that matters. Finally, please read about this Triple Download "Feel Good About Yourself" and start working on your self belief right now. 

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