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Issue #94 / July-2010
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"Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.


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"Thank you for the wonderful work you doing, helping people live their lives. It's great work. The story by your son is quite moving and inspiring. Moving towards the footsteps of the father. Accept my gratitude for all what you have to many and to me. Thank you once again."

M.D. - India

Thank you all for your kind words...

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Karl Perera here...

First can I please say how overwhelmed I am this week at all the positive emails I've received. If you wrote to me then please accept my sincere thanks. My son's piece was very popular and he thanks you all too..

Unfortunately due to the amount of replies and questions I get I cannot reply to you all but I'll try my best. I will be picking questions to answer on the site and in newsletters so do keep sending them.

Enjoy the newsletter and Take care,

Karl Perera

New This Month...
** I will be contacting ten lucky people who I've chosen from the last newsletter to talk to on Skype so look out for an email if you answered my questions last month...

** Check out the Question of the Month: ways to build self esteem

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