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Issue #92 / April-2010
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Quote of the Month

"The KEY to happiness is dropping the false
idea of perfection & embracing the TRUTH of your own uniqueness.
Tension is who you "think" you should be & relaxation is who you
naturally are."

 Hamdan-Adan -Ismail

Your Comments: 

"I've been reading this email you sent to me and I really appreciate the useful tips I got from it. Thank you. I think I'm going to foward the same to some of my friends."


"You really inspire me"


Thank you all for your kind words...

A few more quotes:

"Life is really about connection. It's about connecting to those we love and relate to."

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New This Month...

My son just put together some awe-inspiring quotes and 

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Latest Blog in my series "How to be More Positive":

Step #9 "What do you want?"

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