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Issue #90 / March-2010

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Quote of the Month :

"You are today where your thoughts have brought you; you will be tomorrow where your thoughts take you"

~ James Allen, Author


Your Comments: 

"So inspiring,so motivating,I promise you the little I've read will do great wonders in changing my life for the better..."


"Thank you for helping all of us with our self esteem issues..and for this website!"


Thank you all for your kind words...






I'm so happy you're reading this. I am planning lots of new things on the site....

I couldn't get it all done in time for this newsletter but in the coming weeks I'll be sending you advice and tips about how you can get motivated and boost your self esteem..

plus...I'm busy interviewing experts and authors for you and I'll be putting those on the site soon...

Members of my new site "Aspire to be You" will be getting more and more articles and new stuff added as well as the full versions of all the interviews you'll find soon on the main site.

Take care,

Karl Perera

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