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Issue #89 / February-2010

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Quote of the Month :

"Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new end."

~ Carl Bard, Author


Your Comments: 

"I dont really know how to thank enough,cos you have helped me alot.Before, I never really liked myself. But now, things are better for me.Thank you so much cos you have improved my life"


Thank you all for your kind words...






I promised you some exciting news in my last newsletter and here it is...

This week I am releasing my new membership site "Aspire to be You" with videos, audios, mind maps, articles and course guides all about being the best you can be.

If you enjoy the weekly messages I send you and all the material in my website you'll definitely love both the CD and the membership site...

On Wednesday you'll find out how you can get in the membership site at a low price and get a copy of the CD.

Enjoy this newsletter!

Take care,

Karl Perera

New This Month...

Check out this new video about positive attitude

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My New Membership Site and CD Released...

Two weeks ago I released my new CD "A More Confident You" and I offered it to you FREE. (plus postage cost).

I've got a limited number of CDs this week to giveaway...Get a copy here

On Wednesday 3 March I'll send you an email and tell you how to get a copy totally FREE (no shipping cost) when you become a member of "Aspire to be You"...

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Links you may have missed

I added a video "Inspirational Words of Wisdom". Go to the self esteem videos page to watch it now. - check out my son's inspiring pictures