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Issue #86 / October-2009

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Quote of the Month :

"Do not wish to be anything but what you are, and try to be that perfectly."
~ St. Francis De Sales


Your Comments:

"Thank you for this encouraging and moving energy I experience when reading your articles. This makes a big difference in the work I do with young people and families. Well done."



Thank you all for your kind words...






After having taken some time settling back into life here in Turkey after my trip back home in England, things are slowly returning to normal.

I hope you are more settled than I have been recently.

Friends and family help and I hope you have them close by or at least you are in touch now that we have the technology to contact each other so easily.

Got some new stuff for you this month so hope you enjoy this newsletter...

Take care,

Karl Perera

New This Month...
Check out self esteem questions I've added a new question about friendship. The question:

"How can I stay in a long-term friendship?

I've posted another great video about self esteem on the videos page. Advice how to take action now!

Did you miss these...? - check out my son's inspiring pictures - he's added lots of new ones and wanted me to share them with you. If you really like a picture you can download it or even get it printed and framed...

A poem about friends - plus more self esteem poems that you'll love!

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