Self esteem newsletter
Issue #84 / August-2009

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Quote of the Month :

"The way you treat yourself sets the standard
for others.

Dr Sonya Friedman

Your Comments:

"I was really depressed today and your email just reminds me how wonderful life is.

Thank you for everything.

You are amazing, you have changed me a lot.. I wasn't a person who could think positively ans smile to the world but I can do that now. I am a positive person and I can say I am a lucky person too.  

I really appreciate your effort."



Thank you all for your kind words...






Thought I'd divide my newsletter up into sections for you so you can find stuff easier. First recent stuff, then things you may have missed that I sent recently, then a quick summary of posts from my blog.

Nice and quick and easy...

Hope you'll enjoy and benefit from this issue...

Karl Perera

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I am going home to England next week to visit my parents and then to teach in Durham for a month so I will be very busy with that. I have decided to blog about my trip and keep you updated from there, so do visit me:

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