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Issue #83 / July-2009

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Quote of the Month :

"I CAN is 100 times more important than IQ"


Please send me your questions now...

I will answer them and post them on my website...

Your Comments:

"Thank you, your website has transformed my life. I no longer feel self conscious before meeting people. "


"The message on this website has helped me to hold my head high and feel proud of myself and what I can do. It gave me the courage to try new things and the power to believe in myself."

Lewis Mhlanga

Thank you all for your kind words...






Well I want to start by thanking the many people who emailed me this month and thanked me for what I am doing..

I am sooo glad that my efforts to help you with your self esteem is appreciated by you all.

Hope you'll enjoy and benefit from this issue...

Karl Perera

More of Your Questions Answered...
Check out the self esteem questions I've received this week and read my answers. There are a few new ones...
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I see that my good friend Chris Newman has just written some really great tips to make the most of each day. This is a nice post and I suggest you check it out here:

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Karl Perera