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Issue #81 / May-2009

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Quote of the Month :

"Don't be afraid to go out on a limb. That's where the fruit is."


~ H. Jackson Browne

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Self Esteem for a Lifetime Review...

(Excellent new book about Child Self Esteem)

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Hope the weather's good where you are, summer's arrived here for sure!

I've got more free content for you this month in this issue so please take time to go through it.

Hope you'll enjoy and benefit from this issue...

Karl Perera

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Comments I've Received This Month

"Hi Karl, I must say I have a true mentor in you. I study your mail always and must say in the last month I have progressed from a state of denial and low esteem to greater heights of discovering self. I love your sense of humour-you must be one happy guy. I hope to get even halfway there some day. Always looking forward to reading from you.


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