Self esteem newsletter
Issue #80 / April-2009

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Quote of the Month :

"Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude. "


~ Thomas Jefferson



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1. Skype and e-mail personal counseling

2. Audio version of my e-book

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It's April already can you believe it?

I've got a load of stuff this month for you in this issue so please take time to go through this issue.

Spring is a time of hope and change so now is a great time to take action and develop that new you...

Don't forget to check out what you missed the last time.

Hope you'll enjoy and benefit from this issue...

Karl Perera

 Inspiring Videos...

Visit this page and take a look at some of these inspiring videos about giving, following your passion and other exciting topics...

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Can you help me push my video "self esteem secrets e-book" to the top of YouTube?

Here's what I want you to do:

1. Watch my video Self Esteem Secrets

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3. Sign in and rate the video and make a comment or ask a question...

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Your answers to my questions...

I asked you two questions in my last email (Saturday 18th April). One of these was:

What is your greatest problem connected with low self esteem?

Here are some of your answers:

"The greatest problem that I face was my relationship that ended due to my low self-esteem."  - A

"My biggest problem with self esteem is having other women in authority over me who have issues with trying to stifle my enthusiasm. " - S

"My problem that I face because of low-self esteem is that I feel that I'm not going forward with my life." - V

"lack of self-esteem takes away all motivation to do anything or improve" - MJB

I am going to look into all these problems in the next months and weeks ahead...

Tell me how my website has helped you and I may publish your story here...