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Karl Perera

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In this issue:

1. New at this month

2. Article "Setting Goals - the road to self confidence" - by Karl Perera (ME)

3. Link of the Month

4. Results of last poll

New at this month

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Article: "Setting Goals - the road to self confidence" - by Karl Perera (That's me)

In this article I would like to show you the importance of goal-setting and how it will help you increase your self confidence and your self esteem as you succeed in anything you try.

When I started this website, for example, I just pieced it together without much thought or idea where it was going. I almost gave up several times because I was not achieving what I wanted. About a year ago I re-evaluated what I wanted to do with the site, what its focus was and planned how I would achieve step by step the targets I needed to achieve to succeed.

A year later I have achieved everything I set out to and more, I have gained confidence every step of the way and I have been inspired by my results to continue and even enlarge the project beyond what I had originally foreseen. My achievements have amazed me!

No matter what you want to achieve this is the way to go. Small reachable goals. You will be surprised how quickly these small steps build into giant leaps. You will achieve. 

Why is Goal-Setting Important?

How to Set Goals

I have also found that two sources of inspiration are invaluable. The first are visual images which lift you to believe in yourself. I love positive messages and motivational posters and recommend you to put a few up around the office or where you work everyday. Check my favourite motivational posters click here

The second is belief in God. Why be alone with your challenge? Use your faith to raise your confidence!

Got a problem to solve? Decision to make? Challenge to face? Want to start a new life? Improve yourself? Use goal-setting to get to where you want to be and set goals so as to enjoy growing self confidence, self esteem and certain success. 

Good luck on your road to success!

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In the last poll I asked - what is most important to you?

Here are the results:

1. your family              96 votes            54%
2. your job                    2 votes                  1%
3. your safety              21 votes              12%
4. your faith in God    44 votes               25%
5. your friends            16 votes                  9%                            

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