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December 2007

Issue no.64  

Happy Christmas and enjoy this edition of the self esteem newsletter! A time of year when feelings are up and down and we all need a boost, hope you enjoy what I have for you. 

Karl Perera -




 "Nobody can be unhappy in the here and now. You can think about yesterday and you become unhappy. You can think about tomorrow and you become unhappy. But right this moment - can you be unhappy right now?"


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This Month:

Self Consciousness

Last Month:

  • Confidence Today

    Article 1:

    Find Happiness by Looking Inside

     by  Miami Phillips

    A close friend said' "If I could only figure this out, I think I could find happiness." I have heard this before and will hear it again I am sure.

    Too often people believe that finding happiness is as simple as finding something else they want.

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    Article 2:

    Self esteem - curing stress and burnout

    by Julia Nestler


    A simplified definition many people often use for the word self-esteem is that it's how we feel about ourselves. But self-esteem includes broader and more important parts of ourselves, so would prefer to define it this way:


    High or natural self-esteem is ...



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