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2. Article "The Importance of Self Esteem and how it affects you" - by Karl Perera (ME)

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New at this month

- child self esteem new page all about self esteem in children

- your comments click and read what some of you think about the more-selfesteem website and how it has helped them

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- New pages and topics related to Self Esteem and Self Confidence

Article: "The Importance of Self Esteem and how it affects you" - by Karl Perera (That's me)

How important is Self Esteem to you? How does your self esteem affect you and your life? Two very interesting questions! I'll attempt to answer both in this month's article. Firstly, the results of the poll on the homepage - I asked "How important is Self esteem to you?"

Extremely Important 56 votes (80%)

Important                    9 votes  (13%)

Quite Important          1 vote    (1%)

Not Important             4 votes  (6%)

So, you agree that Self esteem is extremely important but why is it and how does it affect you?

These are just a few points to show you just how important self esteem is and how it can enlighten or wreck your life in so many areas. Think about it, it's vitally important that you try to improve your self esteem and self confidence. Your self esteem shows itself to others as your self confidence and this will help you make friends, make business and make more of yourself in every situation. 

Here's a great course you can take for FREE and though the course is great on its own you will benefit from the CD that accompanies the course, I sure have! I advise you to get it! 

Build your Self Confidence - Hypnosis downloads - quick, easy and guaranteed to help you build your confidence (prepared by experienced psychologists and gets my full recommendation)

Here's a few tips on how to increase your level of self-esteem:

1.Don't procrastinate!

2.Set realistic goals

3.Help others succeed

4.Ask for what you want

Good luck with increasing your self esteem! 

Karl Perera

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There are many helpful books on self esteem. Check out the self help bookstore for my personal selection of the best of these.


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I typed "building self-esteem" into the google search engine - your site was second on the list, but the first one I looked at.  Your thinking appears to be very much in line with my own and I'm sure your site will provide some inspiration for what I'm doing.
Thank you for your site - I'm looking forward to checking out some of your links.
Ian Spence

We had looked at some other sites, but yours was, in our opinion, the one that would best help the members on our board. All of us here are surviving the betrayal of our H's. Some of us are rebuilding our marriages and others are divorced or in the process of divorcing. Even though we all know that the affairs were not our fault, it did do some damage to the self-esteem. We were going to use a workbook, but many are struggling financially, so we also needed something that everyone could afford. I have recommended to the members that they register here for the self-confidence course  plus you'll get another three courses when you register..

Thank you,
Lorie McCachren

A big thank you to all who have emailed me their comments and suggestions!

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