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July 2007

Issue no.59  

This issue concentrates on the important question of your self confidence and what you can do to improve yours and how that will help you in your daily life.

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"The biggest human temptation is to settle for too little"

- Thomas Merton


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  • Six ways to build high self confidence

      - by Emmanuel SEGUI - All Rights reserved

    Unstoppable confidence is the unshakable belief in yourself
    and what you are capable of. With confidence, people pursue
    their goals and persevere until they achieve them. Without
    confidence, time passes as the people stay stuck in their
    rigid comfort zones, unable to escape. Here are six ways to
    build high self-confidence.

    1. Clarify your values and set goals

    Your values are the guiding forces that tell you what is
    important to you. your values will determine many things
    such as how you act within your family, community and
    culture, The decisions you make, how you behave, the habits
    you develop, the ideals you hold dear, the rules you live by
    and the goals you dream of achieving.

    You can feel great about yourself by setting goals for
    yourself and trying to meet them. Try a new dance, audition
    for the school play, or learn about careers in which you may
    be interested. Your self-esteem will improve when you have a
    goal to work toward. So go ahead: dream and plan.

    2. Success in personal relationship: practice self-
    acceptance for greater self esteem.

    We're all unique. Having good self-esteem means that you
    love, respect, and trust yourself. You feel confident about
    who you are. Your self-esteem is something very personal.
    It's the way that you feel about yourself and how you think
    that others feel about you. Everyone has something that
    makes them special. What makes you special?

    3. Communicating effectively with others

    Learning how to communicate effectively is one of the best
    things that you can do. It's important to know how to
    express your feelings and thoughts to others clearly and
    directly. You can deal with different situations and make
    good decisions by learning how to communicate well. Sharing
    your feelings is hard to do, but communication is the key to

    A large part of knowing how to express yourself involves
    knowing how to be firm when it's time to express your
    feelings. This means being assertive. You can state your
    opinions, stand up for others, and ask for something you
    want or need without apologies.

    4. Health and self-confidence

    There's no doubt about it: increasing your health and eating
    balanced meals will dramatically enhance your self-image and
    your self-esteem. When you eat good food and you control
    your weight, you have more energy, you move faster. As you
    move faster, you do a lot more, and better. And as you do
    more, your self-confidence grows up.

    To have a healthy body you must give it all the nutrients it
    needs to grow and develop. But how do you do that? First of
    all, you need to understand that there are no good or bad
    foods, only good and bad eating patterns.

    5. Analyse your strengths and weaknesses

    First, you need to recognize that you have tremendous
    possibility to succeed and that you have strength, ability
    and character to achieve anything you want.

    You have one or more areas of excellence. Take the time to
    identify it or them and capitalize on them continuously

    What are you interested in? What is your passion? What do
    you like to do? Harness your strengths and put them into
    service for others.

    6. Practice mental fitness

    Mental fitness is like physical fitness. Mind programming,
    positive thoughts are essential for your well-being. You
    want positive emotions, "positive" actions and a positive
    life so you need positive thoughts. It's that simple.

    According to the law of attraction, you will attract people
    and opportunities in harmony with your dominant thoughts.

    You can program your mind so you will attract all that you
    need to achieve your goals: people, money and circumstances.

    When you build high self-confidence, you're capable of
    things, things you never thought possible. Self confidence
    will bring you to the summit, you will see more clearly,
    will feel sharper and you will know that there is nothing
    nobody but you that can stop you from succeeding in life,
    financially, personally, emotionally, professionally and
    most important with your family.
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