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"Thanks, It feels good to know that I am not the only one who faces so many problems dealing with low self esteem" - S.Jones

"I really appreciate the link to the free 6-week self-esteem course featured on this website. I just completed the first tutorial and I do feel better in some ways already. I know I have a long road ahead of me, but I feel that I can do it. Thank you very much" - Lisa Snyder


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- introspection

First let's talk about what introspection is. I would define it as looking inward inside yourself. As with most things which most people do there are positive and negative aspects to introspection. Sometimes it is very important for us to reflect on our inner thoughts and feelings but too much of this can be unhealthy... Click to read "introspection"


This last few weeks I have been following the new depression program from Uncommon Knowledge. I, like most people, am prone to becoming depressed and have suffered in the past  so I wanted to try it myself and review it before including it on the depression-helper website. It is filled with new ideas and many interesting medical breakthroughs which help to uncover exactly what depression is and the best way to beat it. click to read my review of the depression program

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Stop Taking Things Personally (part 1)

Do you feel hurt by others on a regular basis? 

If so, I suggest you learn how to stop taking things personally using self-help.

A Typical Example

Your boss hires a new employee who is obviously quite competent. You next discover that he's invited the new guy to a charity event you've been wanting to attend for six months.

When you find out, you feel hurt and angry. Your boss notices your dismay and invites you along. Feeling like an afterthought, you reject the invitation and fume over his insensitivity.

Why We Take Things Personally

We take things personally because we've trained our mind to do so.

We do not realize this, of course. When events trigger our outrage, we believe our hurt and anger is justified.

How We Take Things Personally

When we take another person's behavior personally, we do the following 3 things:

  • Assume his behavior is a reflection of how he feels towards you (vs. a reflection on him and his environment)
  • Magnify his hostility towards you by remembering similar ways you've been hurt in the past
  • Activate your self-righteousness by believing you would never do this to him, e.g., treat him unfairly, reject him, under-appreciate him, etc.

You can magnify hostility the same way you amplify love: by mentally reflecting on events and giving them meaning.

When we amplify love, we think about how wonderful, sexy, and funny our partner is.

When we amplify hostility, we think about how much another person is trying to hurt, undermine, or embarrass us.

I'm not suggesting that people never do hurtful things.

read the rest of this article plus part 2


Many of you are benefiting from the self hypnosis downloads available from Uncommon Knowledge. If you have tried them and would like to tell us about your experience then I would love to have your comments.

What is self hypnosis? Click here to read about self hypnosis

Two new downloads added this month to the website:



"Never be bullied into silence. Never allow yourself to be made a victim. Accept no one's definition of your life; define yourself" - Harvey Fierstein



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