Newsletter September 2002

I hope you will enjoy what I've got for you this month. This issue includes news of all that's happening at my website and a new article written by myself about self esteem and decision-making.

Personally I have been wrestling with making major changes in my life this past month and in facing a big decision on a possible move back to the UK with my family. Maybe you are facing these kinds of life-changing decisions and like me have been unsure what to do. This month I have written about this subject and how self esteem plays a big part in how you cope with decisions in your life.  I hope the article will help you.

In this issue:

1. New at this month

2. Article "Self Esteem and Decisions" - by Karl Perera (ME)

3. Link of the Month

4. Thanks and recognition

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New at this month

- what is self esteem? new page

- I will shortly be writing more details about my life experience to include on the about me page - so check soon!

"Self Esteem and Decisions" by Karl Perera

 Have you got an important decision to make? Your self esteem will play a part in every aspect of your decision making.

Here's a few points to remember when making important decisions:

An example: If you resign and take a less demanding job you will suffer a drop in your level of self esteem. BAD DECISION! If, however, the new job gives you much more satisfaction and you perceive it to be of more value then you will increase your self esteem. GOOD DECISION!

Self esteem is not always based on logic as it is more to do with your emotions.

When you draw up a list of pros and cons and try to make your decision based on logic you are neglecting an important aspect of the problem and that is how you feel. Ask yourself does this decision increase or decrease your self esteem, do you feel good or bad about the decision? What about others involved? How does your decision affect their self esteem?

Self esteem will also affect your carrying out the decision. Low self esteem will prevent you from having the self confidence to back your decision with action especially if it is a hard or important decision. So:

Work on your self esteem and have the confidence to back your decisions!  

Build your Self Confidence - Hypnosis downloads - quick, easy and guaranteed to help you build your confidence (prepared by experienced psychologists and gets my full recommendation). With more confidence you will be able to make better decisions and succeed!

Karl Perera

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I would like to thank personally the following people for their kind comments:

I've just visited your website and I enjoyed it so much that I wanted to thank you for creating it. I found it amazing how much work, care and enthusiasm you've put into creating your site. For me, these qualities say a lot about the quality of your work.

Nisandeh Neta ( 

Your site is like a breath of fresh air.
Ilene Potoak

I felt compelled to write you and let you know that I find your website wonderful. I find your site very appealing and beneficial not only for the lay person, but also for mental health professionals like myself.

Deborah Leah Buttar

A big thank you to all who have emailed me their comments and suggestions!

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