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The Will to Win

Several years ago, a man came to see me for self-help coaching. His marriage had fallen apart, and he had hit rock bottom emotionally.

I immediately asked him to go home and write an essay on his strengths. He refused, citing a long list of reasons why he couldn't do it.

I prevailed, though, and four days later he returned with an essay. He seemed lighter. The despair had lifted a little.

He said: 'When you asked me to write about my strengths, I picked a fight with you because I wasn't sure I had any. I went home and tried to think of just one personal strength.

It finally dawned on me that for years I was the top salesman in my advertising company.

I started thinking about why I was #1 every year, and it hit me.

I was the only guy who always asked the client to buy.

When the time was right, I'd say, 'Mr. Prospect, I've answered all your questions and addressed all your concerns. Now, I want your business.'

Then I'd give him the contract to sign...and wait.

Sometimes it was a full two minutes before he did anything.

During those two minutes, my anxiety always skyrocketed. It never got easy.

But I did it anyway.

The other guys in my company, they asked for the order 85%, maybe 90% of the time.

But I ALWAYS did.

So, Lisa, I guess you could say my strength is discipline.'

Mental Toughness Exercise for Self-Help

If you've taken a course from me, you know that the mental toughness Practice of Commitment is:

'The ability to set a goal and the tenacity to develop excellence in it.'

Tenacity -- the will to win -- requires discipline.

Discipline is the habit of doing what you know you should do--whether you feel like it or not.

Right now, write down an area of your life in which you are disciplined.

         Do you jog?

         Face difficult converations at work?

         Get up and walk your dog at 6 am?

         Show patience with your children?

         Eat well?

         Give presentations even though they make you nervous?

These are all examples of discipline, the foundation of the will to win.

The wonderful thing about discipline is that you already have it, and can cultivate it in any area you desire simply with repetition.

Article written by Lisa Brown


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"Besides pride, loyalty, discipline, heart, and mind, confidence is the key to all the locks."

Joe Paterno


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