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Take time out from your hectic life regularly to sit and think, to quietly contemplate because you need peace to get perspective.



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Giving is the Answer

Want to increase your self esteem, feel better about your life and what you are achieving? Feeling depressed and want to break free from the pain? I don't have all the answers but I do believe that giving can fill your life with happiness and fulfilment.

When you feel bad about yourself you often focus on yourself more and look at every aspect of what you're doing and how you are behaving. What's more you're probably mulling over what others think of you. You are so concentrated on yourself that you are at risk of blocking others out of your world. Try something new, try giving to others. It will make you feel better and your sense of self worth will increase. Others will notice and be grateful which will be rich reward for what you have done.

Giving can include giving your time, your effort, your thanks, yourself, your interest and if you want your money. It's up to you. Giving will cause you to look outwards and the more you give the more you'll get back. The better you'll feel.

Giving can provide you with purpose in your life and we all need that. Knowing that someone needs you is a great feeling.

A word of caution, of course give only if you want to and if you genuinely wish to help, if not you will do it resentfully and that's no good. Think first what you'd like to give and how and to who. Then do it with heart. Don't always expect to be thanked but rather you should gain as another person gains from your help.

Many depressed people, and I've had my share of depression, turn inward and stop giving. They focus more on themselves and what they don't have and what they want. I really believe that the world doesn't owe us anything but that if we give we will also receive. Giving can therefore help to take someone out of depression and bring them into the outside world.

Giving produces happiness and fulfilment. It increases self esteem of the giver and makes you feel better about life in general. It can reduce depression too so what are you waiting for? Start giving and you'll see a real change in your life. Don't do more than you can though as you need to respect yourself. Don't become a slave to giving it should be a blessing to both parties, a win-win situation.

Look at the world and all the evil in it. Surely those who give of themselves can be sure that they will be contributing to the world not taking from it. Surely this positive realization will help you improve yourself and increase your self esteem.    


by Karl Perera


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