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Try to be careful what you say to yourself. Your self talk should be positive and not critical. Most people are too hard on themselves. Give yourself a break!

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There are few places where your self esteem affects you more than at work. I thought this month it would be a good idea to focus on how self esteem affects your career and promotion prospects as well as your daily work relationships.

Work is an important part of our lives. Your self esteem in the work environment will affect your prospects as well as how you respond to others. This in turn will affect how others see you and what they think of you. Everyone is affected by image especially in the work environment. Self esteem and its partner self confidence are the two factors which you need as part of your armour if you are to present yourself positively in the business world.

So how can you improve your self esteem at work? Here are my top ten tips:

  1. Be honest about your feelings and thoughts as far as you can. You will gain respect from others if you are honest and most importantly you will respect yourself.
  2. Help others in the office when they ask you
  3. Want others to succeed. Do not wish for another person's failure for any reason even if that might offer you an opportunity to succeed where they failed.
  4. Cooperate with others and work as a partnership or team. The best managers do this naturally. The two way benefits will create a win-win bond between you and your workmates
  5. Share your success.
  6. Do not claim the glory of another person's success as your own. This is mean spirited and dishonest and will only serve to make an enemy.
  7. Speak up for yourself, don't hold your strong feelings inside. You will feel terrible and even worse if suffer because you didn't speak up. Most bosses will respect anyone sensibly voicing their opinion, if they don't perhaps its time to leave. 
  8. No matter how mundane a job is always try to do your best and if you can look for a way to make the job less painful and more interesting. Do not risk doing a bad job by taking a short cut.
  9.  Ask for what you want. Maybe you will get it, maybe you won't but a least you tried and you'll feel good about that. Maybe your boss will consider you deserve more and offer you something later?
  10. Look on challenges or difficult problems at work as an opportunity to improve. Go for it!

I also think that leaving and having the courage to consider other options if your skills and efforts are not valued as they should be is a must. Self esteem at work is all about valuing yourself and what you do no matter what it is. Looking at yourself or your job as unimportant is never going to lead to anything but heartache. Success is built on following your own values and having the courage to face challenges with confidence.

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