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December 2005

Welcome to the December issue of the self esteem newsletter! Happy Holidays! 

Just putting up the tree and the decorations and organizing the newsletter for this month. There are now almost 7,000 people receiving this! I'm getting so much positive feedback about both this newsletter and the website and I'd welcome your comments too.

This issue includes a new article which is the third in the series on stress because I think it is especially important at this time of year and we could all do with a little help.

Enjoy this issue of my self esteem newsletter and come return to my website again for much more,

Best wishes this holiday season!

Karl Perera 

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What's in this issue
  • what's new
  • quote of the month
  • article - parenting stress, how to deal with it
  • Holiday Gift ideas form
  • recommended books, downloads
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Quote of the month
 "You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection."

- Buddha

Inspiring Gifts for Christmas and the New Year 
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Article: Parenting Stress: How do you deal with it? 

This month's article can be found at the following page:

It's a really fantastic article all about how to deal with parenting stress and I recommend you to read it by clicking the link above.

See you next month! Oh, do check out the list of articles on my website

Karl Perera