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July 2005


This is the height of summer and as a result please forgive the late sending of this month's issue. Just back from holiday and now I'm looking at ways to improve both the newsletter and the website, any suggestions? Be great to hear them, do let me know what you think,

This month's article is by Edison Fullbrook who has kindly offered me a number of his articles for this newsletter and/or the website. Its brief but I think helpful. Self belief is all important! Please visit the website for more articles and several new ones recently added. 

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Karl Perera 

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Quote of the month
"The purpose of life is a life of purpose" 

- Robert Byrne

Why Most People Are Too Busy To Believe by Edison Fullbrook

Now that's what I call a thought-provoking title, and I suppose some of you are probably a little annoyed or offended especially as we live in a multi cultural country allow me to explain:  

Now we understand how words have such a large influence on us, realize how much information is out there 100’s of TV channels, nearly as much radio, 1000’s of adverts passing your eyes each day for the latest products and the latest ‘must have’ so that you can stay 'cool ', magazines newspapers we could go on and on couldn't we.   

The point that I’m trying to make is that the more of these external stimuli that they put out there, the more important it is to become self-contained and believe in yourself.  

For a lot of people, believing in yourself gets harder the more of this information you absorb, I'm sure they are all well-meaning and trying to be 'informative' but there is just too much of it.

If you don't take time out to practice believing in yourself and find some quiet time then burnout is a possibility. (even beneficial skills need to be practiced)  

We are supposed to be living in a leisure based society, we are more affluent than we have ever been and yet it seems that we have no time, we seem to be rushing here and there, it is vital to take time to switch all this information off.

Believing in yourself is very much something that we can learn yet it gets harder the more outside influences we have, it tends to muddle our thinking.  

To nurture a belief in yourself is a quiet process you must take at least 15 minutes of everyday just for yourself.

So what do I mean by belief in yourself?  If you look in a dictionary, my dictionary at least,

Belief simply means "to expect with confidence".  

Confidence simply means "trust, boldness or assurance".  

Put the two together, and a belief in yourself, can be summed up in one sentence.  

To expect with trust and boldness.  

If you now put your goal into the equation, whatever your goal is (for the sake of argument lets say your goal is to be happier) then if you had belief in yourself you would be expecting more happiness to be bestowed on you, you would trust that it was coming and you would be bold/fearless until it arrived.

In a nutshell take those 15 minutes to concentrate totally on your goals.  


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