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May 2005

May already,

I hope the sun's shining where you are and summer has arrived. If not, it shouldn't be long! I have decided to touch on the subject of attitude, its importance and relation with self esteem. It is a subject I have thought long and hard about. I hope you like the article. 

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Hope you enjoy this issue and do visit the website again soon,

Karl Perera 

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"Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment"  - Buddha

"The purpose of life is a life of purpose"  - Robert Byrne


Self Esteem and your Attitude by Karl Perera

Moods and attitude are a major influence on every aspect of your mental health and because they affect your state of mind they make themselves felt in how you deal with every situation you face. Surely there can be nothing less critical to your level of success than your attitude.

In this article I would like to explain how self esteem and attitude are related and go hand in hand. 


A positive attitude helps in life, I'm sure you'd agree. A negative attitude doesn't. If you have a negative attitude you will likely have low self esteem because you also see yourself in a negative light. If you have poor self esteem you cannot have a positive attitude to anything, after all if you cannot like yourself how can you like anything or anybody else? On the other hand, if you are positive you can build your self esteem which will improve your attitude towards yourself and also in relation to life and the world in general. Positive attitude/ high self esteem or negative attitude/ low self esteem. Two choices.

I won't go into why attitude matters because I think that is fairly obvious. There is a wealth of information on this website and in the many previous newsletters I have written which outline ways that you can improve your level of self esteem. None of these are to do with material possessions or with respect to the situation you find yourself in, they are all about changing your attitude to yourself. Self esteem is your attitude towards yourself as a person. 

A positive attitude can help you create good things in your life without even being aware that you are doing it and it certainly attracts good people and situations to you. It can also help improve your self-confidence. A negative attitude is a gateway towards the darker side of life and the pain of depression. Some forms of depression are medically caused but most forms of depression begin to develop from negative attitude building up until there seems to be no escape. I know I've gone through it and it's down to your self esteem or lack of it. This is the answer to mental health and inner balance.


Moods are temporary changes in attitudes and these occur naturally from time to time. You shouldn't feel upset about being negative sometimes, this is normal. What is not is constant negative mood. This is depression. Moods are part of you and you should accept them, laugh at them and wait for them to change. Ignore negative moods - do not decide anything or discuss plans at this time. Try to avoid arguments with loved ones as this is when they will occur. Enjoy and use positive moods, discuss problems or plans and make decisions in a positive mood and it is more likely that you will succeed.. Build self esteem and moods will swing less and stay positive for longer. 

 How to improve your attitude

Three things:

  1. Work to improve your self esteem and confidence. 
  2. Understand what your present mood is and don't take negative moods so seriously.
  3. Concentrate (see the Buddha quote above) on the here and now. The present is the only thing you have right now and the only thing you can change. Nearly all unhappiness and negativity comes from the past (regrets) and the future (worry about uncertainty). Now is real - focus yourself on that. I have just read one of the best books I have ever read about self improvement. The book is called the Power of Now by Edward Tolle. It is an enlightening book filled with truth and suggestions how you can live a life focused in the present moment and how doing that can bring inner peace and stability to your day to day life.  

Self confidence as mentioned above is so important, this I highly recommend you do now :  

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See you next month!

Karl Perera

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