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April 2005

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Hi again and let me tell you about this month's issue. I have written an article about the choices we make, this is part two of last month's subject (Having faith in yourself). Its about making choices and what better time to write it as spring begins to fill the air. Certainly where I am it is suddenly summer-like and its the perfect time to start anew with decisions that will alter your life for the better. I hope you will agree with me that following your heart is the only way to go...

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Hope you enjoy this issue and do visit the website again soon,

Karl Perera 

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"Men are not disturbed by things but by the view they take of things"


This month's Article:   Have Faith in Yourself  Part two: Heart v Head - the Road to success and self esteem by Karl Perera 

Heart or Head?

It's a straight choice you make. Should you follow your head or your heart. Unfortunately we are trained from a very young and impressionable age to follow our heads - reason out the problem, dissect it, analyze it and then weigh up the pros and cons and then decide to take the most logical and least risky course of action. Seems like good sense but personally this attitude towards decision making has caused endless grief. It is never possible to work out any major decision clearly on paper, there are too many ifs and grey areas. Sometimes it just pays to go with your gut feeling. It's often said that dreamers and idealists follow their hearts and realists take decisions by following their logical mind. One question I'd like to ask is which kind of people are happier and more fulfilled people?

What do you normally do? Do you follow your heart or your head when you need to decide on new choices in your life?

What happens when you follow your head

1. prolonged thinking - thinking too much about a problem is sometimes counter-productive, it is so easy to avoid making a decision and this method can encourage indecision

2. delay - you may find that you can procrastinate in the pretence that you are working on a decision

3. weighing up every possibility, even those which may never happen - these possible outcomes may cause you to be negative and take the easy way out

4. possible confusion due to close balance between pros and cons

5. may reach a decision you don't feel is correct and then what? 

6. make many assumptions about what may happen if a certain course is taken

7. doesn't take into account your feelings - your feelings are important aren't they so what do you want to do?

8. you look for the safest decision and avoid any risks - you are therefore limiting your rewards

9. you will always find reasons not to do something which seems too risky

10. you may justify giving up on dreams - the logical mind can be very negative and limiting, you can only achieve big by thinking big


What happens when you follow your heart

1. you know what you want and will commit yourself to getting it

2. you take into account your feelings and emotions

3. you can be true to yourself

4. you will feel good about your decision

5. you will believe in your decision

6. the limits your thinking may place on your dreams are removed

7. you are more likely to succeed

8. if you don't succeed you can take comfort from the fact that you tried

9. you will have more enthusiasm

10. it is good for your self esteem and confidence

Of course there are times when you need to be cautious but there is always the need to understand that you cannot predict the future and unforeseen events may happen and probably will which you haven't planned for. Please remember also that your attitude if positive will help create positive outcomes. If you are negative and only ever follow your head you will be slow to start on any challenge unless it looks certain that you will succeed. A calculated risk is a good thing. Your heart knows best what is good for you - follow it with confidence! 

I hope this article has helped you change your attitude towards decision making. You can achieve what you want if you follow your heart and trust in yourself enough to risk following your dreams. I wish you luck!  

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See you next month!

Karl Perera

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