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March 2005

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Great to be back with you again! I turn my attention to the inner you this month with a new article I've written about Self Esteem and the inner voice and having faith in that inner you. This month also I am offering a new program which I believe will be really helpful to you my readers. I have just written this ebook and I think it's going to change your life in incredible ways. My book "Self Esteem Secrets" is all about improving and building your self esteem click here to get "Self Esteem Secrets". Hope you enjoy it and the other features in this issue, catch you again next month!

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Karl Perera 

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"Many people are waiting for prosperity. It cannot come in the future. Gratitude for the present moment and the fullness of life now is true prosperity. "

Eckhart Tolle in the Power of Now 

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“There can be greatness in apparent smallness and smallness in apparent greatness; the truth resides in the great or small actualization of one’s potential, whatever it is.”

This month's Article:  Have Faith in Yourself by Karl Perera 

Confident people trust themselves. If you lack self esteem or self confidence then ask yourself how much do you trust yourself and your own judgement. Do you listen to your own inner voice or the voice and negativity of others?

So many times in my life I have ignored my first instinct and made a mistake, thinking only if I had followed my first impulse without doubting I would have done the right thing. Have you ever had this experience?

I believe that we all have an immense source of power and wisdom within but that few know how to use it. I am trying to find a path myself to accessing this and using it more in my life. Where does this wisdom come from? A good question! I am not sure, but think for a moment. Have you ever had an answer pop into your head from nowhere or a strong feeling that one course of action, though maybe illogical, is the correct one? You need to trust your feelings learn to use your guidance system to help you in your daily life and beyond. You need to work on this aspect of yourself so that you become master of your life choices and take responsibility for where you are going and who you are. 

Inner Resources

There are many things you should pay attention to:

  • Hunches
  • your inner voice
  • gut feelings
  • instincts
  • intuition
  • heartfelt attraction or repulsion to something

I have just read a great book dealing with many of these aspects, I advise you to read it. Click this link to buy The Findhorn Book of Everyday Abundance and learn much more about how you can bring the things you want into your life by following your inner voice.

Next month, part two of this article: Heart v Head - the road to success and self esteem. 

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Karl Perera

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