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February 2005

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This month I have for you a guest article written by Emanuel Segui who is an NLP practitioner, the subject is the most important things which prevent you from being a success and there is a clear link I think with self esteem in the article. I hope you find it helps you. I also have a great quote, some inspiration and there have been one or two changes on the website so do check out the new articles and the new recommended links,

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Karl Perera 

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"Men are not disturbed by things, but by the view they take of things "



The Natural Life is True

A cheery relaxation is man's natural state, just as nature itself is relaxed.  A waterfall is concerned only with being itself, not with doing something it considers waterfall-like.  It does not force us to think about it; it does not demand our attention and energy; it does not lean on us for gifts; it asks nothing of us.  It simply gives what it is, and lets it go at that.  And that is why we enjoy its magnificence.  

   The usual phrase is, "Be yourself."  We are not following this counsel if we are strained and unsure.  These are the sour fruits of the carelessly adopted synthetic self.

(courtesy of written by author Vernan Howard)

This month's article: The Top 5 Things that Keep You from Success by Emanuel Segui

(Note from Karl: This following article talks about success and becoming rich but the important thing is how success in every area of life, no matter how it is measured depends on you valuing yourself - your self esteem. Also rich can mean more than having money, in fact it may to some people have no connection with money.)


Everyone wants to be rich. A lot of people want to be successful. Yet, only a few people are willing to pay the price. There is a price to success as there is a price to failure. Here are 5 reasons that keep people from accomplishing their dreams. A lack of motivation. Success comes from loving what you do. Is your current job your passion? When your study highly successful people, you understand that they have at least 1 thing in common: they love what they do and they do what they love. Is this the case for you? If the answer is no, you can start by identifying your passion. This is the best way to get motivated. A lack of faith. Faith is a firm belief in yourself, God or others that you can do it. Build up a strong vision of what you want to accomplish.

 In developing a vision, the law of attraction is going to work for you. You are going to attract people, opportunities and money that will allow you to develop an unstoppable confidence. The fear of failure. The fear of failure doesn't exist. Neither does the fear of success. Fear stands for False Evidence Appearing Real. Micheal Jordan said himself that "Fear is an illusion". It is hard to overcome fears. One simple way to overcome the fear of failure is to read inspirational stories and quotes of people that achieved their dreams. Read one every morning. That will give you strength and hope. 

The wrong strategies. When you want to build a business, to achieve something really big, you need to have mentors. You can't allow yourself to loose time, money and energy. Mentors are people that will give you the right strategies; they will provide the right information and will inspire you. They will coach you through the process. Choose correctly your experts, your models. Work with them and adopt the same thinking patterns, the same strategies, the same beliefs. If he did it, you can do it too. 

Limiting beliefs. Often times we have limiting beliefs about what we want to achieve. For example, you can really want to achieve a goal but at the same time something tells you: "It's not for you, you don't deserve that" or "You can't do it, remember". These thoughts pollute our minds and darken our life. A quick way to stop these damaging thoughts is to use the power to say no! First, represent in your mind the "limiting belief" and say NO! to it. Now, represent in your mind what you want in its place and say a big YES! You will be amazed how your attitude suddenly changed about the old belief. Can you remember it? 

I have just shared with you strategies to overcome the TOP 5 things that prevent people from success. When you apply these recommendations, your life will be enriched. You deserve success because you are special and unique. Everyone of us is. The fact is that we are potential geniuses. But the other fact is that often we refuse to admit it because it pushes us out of our comfort zone and most people don't like that. Get out of your comfort zone; this is the only way to succeed in life. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Emmanuel SEGUI is a NLP Meta-master practitioner and the author of an amazing new e-book, "Moving From Vision To Action" that will teach how to easily empower yourself and other people to bring true power, focus, health and energy into their life. Click now => -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-


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