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October 2004

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A little bit of a new look, hope you like it! 

Sorry about being a little bit late with this edition, but I have been extremely busy this month with many commitments. I have written a new article for you about the importance of honesty, I hope you enjoy it. Please contact me with any ideas or comments you have regarding this issue or future items you'd like to see.. 

Karl Perera 

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"Mastering others is strength, mastering yourself is true power"

Tao Te Ching

This month's article: Attacks on your Self Esteem, part 3: Honesty

Whatever you do, be honest! That's my message in this article....

Why being honest matters

It is a very dishonest world we find ourselves in, don't you think? In business, at work, in politics, in fact everywhere you are honesty seems to be in very short supply sometimes. I want to encourage you in this brief article to always stick to being honest to others and also to yourself. It does pay believe me!

I believe that being honest in every aspect of the word can contribute to building your level of self esteem. Here's a brief outline of the connection between honesty and self esteem:

How honesty and self esteem are linked

  • Be honest to yourself - this is the first and most important step towards self improvement. Admitting to yourself what you need to change or improve and being realistic enough to realize what is involved in that change. 
  • Honesty - means being true to yourself. Say yes if you think yes and no if want to say no. By defending your beliefs and speaking up your self esteem will climb
  • Be honest at work - you will never have to cover up anything and others will respect you for it. You will be trusted and also consistent and fair. If you feel that honesty doesn't pay where you work and that others are benefiting from being dishonest or underhand then get out of there and find a place that will reward and welcome an honest person like you. You make a choice to give up your self esteem when you accept that you need to be as dishonest as the rest.
  • Be honest in business - the customer will know when you are genuine. Why be a fake? If you're interested honestly in someone they will respond and in sales this could be a very desirable step in forging an unbeatable partnership with your customer.
  • Be honest in relationships - for both of your sakes and your partner will respect and love you for it. Saying one thing and thinking another is disaster and you cannot build any relationship on anything else but honesty and its close companion trust.

In short

I thought many times that the only way to progress at work or in business was to knuckle down with the rest of them and use the same dishonest tactics that I found so many others using but I really tried to stick to my guns and be honest. It was harder and I lost out. I was overlooked for promotion and I did despair. After a while I realized that I needed to change not my attitude and method but what I was doing and where I was going. I want to be honest and so I changed my work and I am now happier because I am truer to myself. Honesty can pay, try it! You'll feel so much better about yourself..

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    See you next month for part two....

    Karl Perera





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