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I want to welcome all of you to this new edition of the newsletter written by me, Karl Perera owner of and hope that you find it useful and maybe a little enlightening. This month's topic is your job (or lack of it) and the effect it has on your self esteem. With so much unemployment and job dissatisfaction it is a huge subject and I hope you enjoy the article. 

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This month's article: Attacks on your Self Esteem, part 2: Your Job 

Few things have such a profound effect on how we view and feel about ourselves as the job we hold.

Your self esteem is very much tied up with the job you have and there are many factors associated with the work you do every day which can boost or lower your self esteem. Let's take a look at some of these factors and just how they affect your attitude and confidence. 

The link between self esteem and the work you do

Here's a list of how the two are connected:

There are others we could add to the list but I think these are the most important. With every point above it is ultimately your own attitude that causes you to have high or low self esteem. 

What to do to improve your job-related self esteem   

The answer lies with improving your attitude towards every aspect of your job. If you change the way you think about the work you do and how you do it you will feel better about what you achieve in your job, this in turn will improve how you perform your job and this will bring more recognition and enjoyment increasing your self esteem still further.

I wish you success at work! Until next month, part three will be about self esteem and honesty....

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