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Welcome to another issue where I have tried to put together a few new items to interest you. This month my article is about disability and self esteem which is relevant to anybody with any kind of disability mental or physical. Thinking about this further disability can include things which affect so many people like shyness or social disabilities or indeed any physical problem whether real or imagined. Read the article now below!

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Karl Perera

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"Self Esteem and Disability"

I watched an interview recently where Christopher Reeve (Superman) was talking about his experience after his accident and the affect his disability had had on him. He never stopped smiling. I believe what he said is vitally important. Never give up he said even a terrible disability can be overcome and can be the source of a positive experience. He is an example of someone who has his self esteem intact despite not being able to move or walk. I think he is one of my heroes. 

We all suffer disabilities either mental or physical but some people have more serious disabilities than others. I cannot know what it is to suffer serious disability but I have suffered from shyness and social disability and that can seem crushing. If Christopher Reeve can rise above his paralysis surely we all can too. Whatever your disability don't forget you have so much to offer the world and those around you. All you need is to believe in yourself and respect yourself. Everyone deserves respect, on matter what their physical or mental condition.

I have received many emails from people with seemingly small disabilities. The problem is mainly the attitude that goes with the disability not the problem itself. A disability is only so if you see it as such. If you think you are too short then this is a disability for you. Perhaps you have a problem with your appearance, these and other such problems will certainly affect your self esteem negatively. How to cope with these problems and improve your self esteem?

A few suggestions:

 Please believe in yourself and if something is really holding you back face up to the problem and be determined to beat it! Be realistic, are you exaggerating your problem and do others even notice your disability? You may be focusing on the disability so much you cannot see past it and all the while others may not even notice your disability.

If on the other hand, like Christopher Reeve your disability is serious still you are worthy of self esteem and respect as we all are. You are a unique person unlike anyone else and you are a human being, an amazing complex person with so much to say and contribute, if only you will admit this to yourself. God made all of us equal and I believe you can achieve whatever you want despite any disability, find a way to beat it!

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            Karl Perera


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