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Welcome to another issue where I have tried to put together a few new items to interest you. As promised I am continuing with part two of my articles on self esteem and learning, how to boost your self esteem and learn better.

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Coming soon! : Religion and self esteem, Disability and other disadvantages which can lower your self esteem

Karl Perera

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"Self Esteem and Learning part 2 - improve your capacity to learn"

Last month we discussed how important a role your self esteem plays in your ability to learn and in your success as a learner this month I would like to finish off with part two and suggest ways in which you can boost your self esteem in order to learn better in a variety of situations such as classic classroom study or distance learning. I hope you enjoy the article and find it useful. 

Barriers to effective learning:

From the above points you can see your self esteem affects your performance as a learner is directly. If you have higher self esteem the sky is the limit!

So how can you boost your self esteem in order to improve your learning ability and your success during your course or training? Here are a few suggestions:

If you follow the above then I'm sure you will enjoy your course and be as successful as you can. Good luck in your studies! 

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