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Summer seems to have arrived very suddenly! Hope its nice where you are and hope that you are continuing to work on your self esteem (which is a never ending job!) Welcome to another issue where I have tried to put together a few new items to interest you. 

This month my new article is: Self esteem and Learning. This idea was suggested to me in a few emails over the last several weeks and as we all need to go through some kind of learning/ training from time to time I thought it would have a general appeal for all of you and not just teachers and students. Hope you like what you read, do let me have your comments OK?

Karl Perera

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"Self Esteem and Learning"

Learning is important for all of us not just students and for those like myself involved in teaching. You will need to learn constantly if you are to move forward in life and furthermore the modern world demands retraining and upgrading our skills, not to mention distance learning opportunities as well. Simply, without self esteem you will not learn. Your level of self esteem during the course of study you choose will determine how quickly you learn and how much you remember and will directly affect your motivation for study. Self esteem and education are closely linked.

Self esteem is relevant to:

I am sure you can clearly see almost everyone could be said to be learning in some form or another.

Why self esteem is important in learning

  1. Teachers must be aware of how what they say and what they do in class affects student's self esteem levels and consequently their behaviour, attitude, confidence and ultimately their level of success in that class. A teacher should be aware of positive methods to boost the self esteem of his or her students. Encouragement and understanding are keys to achieving this. Negativity and put downs lower self esteem and are counter-productive. Teacher's need a good level of self esteem themselves before they can encourage their students in self esteem boosting ways.
  2. Anyone either in a class or not who is in the process of learning needs to believe he can succeed or he will not be able to motivate himself to achieve his potential. Learning involves knowing and discovering one's limits and you need to be confident but realistic. If you begin to struggle you need the self esteem not to give up and convince yourself that you can manage to learn what you need to. In addition to this the learning environment can be very competitive and challenging, there is no room for too much self doubt. 
  3. Parents of students should monitor and help whenever they notice a dip in their child's self esteem and do whatever they can to offer advise and boost the level, we can say things offhand or act in ways that may cause our children to become demotivated and self esteem levels are often connected to success or failure of close family relationships so look out for this.
  4. Self esteem affects decisions to study in the first place! It takes commitment and courage to take up the challenge of education in whatever form and low self esteem will kill the desire to start a new course of training or education. Fear will rear its head and every excuse will be made to avoid deciding to study.   

The motivation of teacher and student and the support of student families and friends are the most important factors which can influence successful learning. we all know that clever students can fail and that with determination the weakest can also succeed. In life it is the same, convince yourself that you can learn something new and you can but convince yourself you can't and you will be sure to prove yourself right.

See you again next month! I plan to continue this with a follow up on how to boost your self esteem so that your learning ability will be increased.

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Until next month,

            Karl Perera


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