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This month my new article is: Self esteem (your right to stand up for what you want)

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"Self Esteem (your right to stand up for what you want)"

I have once again been thinking about how important it is when building your self esteem to stand up for your right to follow your desires and wishes. I know that most people (like myself) are often bound by their responsibilities and duties and by their commitments and often we don't place our own wishes at top priority. Self esteem and selfishness have nothing to do with each other. Wherever possible I devote myself to my son rather than doing what I want immediately. Your family commitments dictate how much time you have for yourself and may also dictate when you are able to persue your own plans. But don't neglect them!

Low self esteem results when you feel that you are taking second place all the time and when you feel you are a slave to others. Don't let yourself get to this stage! Maybe you will decide that first you have to spend time with your family or with a friend but after that make sure you find time for you. This is not selfish but rather acknowledging to yourself that your dreams and wishes are also of importance.

Self esteem means valuing yourself which will include valuing your choices and interests. Think about it, who knows you best and who knows best what is good for you? You do! If you're looking for something to do with your life, your purpose or mission then only you can find it. I believe we all have skills and unique contributions to make in the world. We are all different but all equal. Figure out what you want to do with your time and how you can contribute to the world and do it, don't just plan to do it. Make time for yourself and tell others you want to spend more time on your pet project, your hobby or improving your skills. 

The world needs everyone's contribution including yours. Maybe you feel very low, with no time to yourself, a slave to others. Your level of esteem will be very low because you do not value yourself enough to stand up for yourself. Others treat you as though you are only around for them. Your self esteem falls further. Your self respect dips to an all time low.

Please don't feel guilty about prioritising your wishes. This is your life! It is your responsibility to make the most of it not for selfish reasons but in order to help others. Maybe you have skills you have never used, maybe you could help others but you are stuck at home. Don't hide away, step out and develop yourself as a person! You can find time and you have a right to be the person you know you can be but of course attend to your responsibilities first.

To increase your self esteem take the following action today: start working out what you want to do with your life and make time for it, your life deserves at least an equal priority as other's.

See you again next month!

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