Self esteem Newsletter February 2004

It's February already and following the holidays I have begun updating and adding new features to the website, hopefully you will find the changes helpful, this month's topic is self - hypnosis, ever tried it? What is it? I'll explain in my article below, also I will also explain what I am planning over the next few months! Enjoy the newsletter,

Karl Perera 

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"Self-hypnosis and improving your self esteem"

Self-hypnosis has nothing to do with hypnotising like you see in shows where people are put to sleep or made to act like fools, let's get this clear right now. Self-hypnosis will help you. It is easy and natural and fun and also feels good. It is one of the most powerful and successful tools you have ready within you and this form of self help can guide you to better self esteem and confidence or indeed any improvement in attitude or behaviour that you seek. So how does it work and exactly what is it?

Self-hypnosis is just like meditation. In a relaxed state which you control by relaxing your mind and body you think of positive ideas and visualise positive situations and maybe tell yourself how you are going to change your reaction to certain situations which you fear. Self-hypnosis is about focusing on replacing negative emotions and fear with positive emotions and confidence in any given situation by changing your thoughts and feelings. The hypnosis part only refers to you persuading yourself to act or feel differently. With self-hypnosis you are totally in control and you choose what you want to change. You can learn more about self-hypnosis by taking a free six-part course - click to subscribe now and you'll receive it by email in minutes.

Some examples of self hypnosis

I have used self-hypnosis myself many times and I have enjoyed the experience. When I was younger I had a big problem with shyness. I would use the technique of relaxing my body and mind and repeating positive affirmations to build my confidence and when I was in the situation I feared again relaxation was the answer. With a bit of help you can learn this skill and beat this kind of problem too.

Many of my visitors to the website have bought the CD Confidence Trainer by Uncommon Knowledge and have found its self-hypnosis based techniques helpful in building self confidence, I also regularly use it. It works because it is based on common sense principles and enables you to begin to focus on the problem which is your thinking about certain situations which you find scary. In a relaxed state you listen to soothing positive words of truth about your ability as a person, everyone has reason to be confident, all you need do is remove the negative thoughts and attitudes. The easiest way to do this is through self-hypnosis.

Self-hypnosis has many applications and could help you stop smoking, lose weight, stop blushing, become more confident, more assertive in fact the possibilities are endless.  

A fantastic program that will enable you to build your self esteem

Now you know a bit more about self-hypnosis I advise you to give it a try and discover for yourself what a change it can make in your life. By clicking on the following link you'll be able to download a self-hypnosis program which will help you build your self esteem Building your self esteem - self hypnosis download - it is very good value for money and will help you in ways you can only imagine! Good luck!

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