Newsletter January 2004

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"Ambition and how it is linked to your self esteem"

Ambition is a wonderful thing. Too much or too little can be harmful. It is linked closely to your self esteem, in this brief article I would like to show you how.

Are you ambitious?

Do you think you are an ambitious person? Do you have things you are aiming to achieve?

Everybody is different, some are very ambitious and some are not and that's just fine. You need to look inside yourself, what do you want to achieve and when? Ambitions spur us on and motivate us to move through challenges in life and go after the things we value.  In order to reach our ambitions we need to set goals and work out ways to take steps towards achieving our dreams. We need ambitions or life can become boring and without direction.

If you suffer low self esteem then you may ignore any ambitions you have and you will certainly not feel up to the challenge that taking steps to achieve them entails. Likewise, a lack of ambition can result in low self esteem which becomes a downward spiral. No, finding ambition is important because you need some focus, some aims in life. It doesn't matter what your ambitions are as long as they are important and valuable to you.

What kind of Ambitions are the most rewarding?

Simply, those that realize what is most valued to you. You must truly want what you set yourself out to get. One piece of warning: if an ambition is selfish or immoral you are setting yourself up for problems: you cannot fool yourself and achieving it will cause you to resent yourself and damage your self esteem. Ambitions should serve to better you as a person and to help improve your world and that of others. They should always be positive and never negative for the reason given above.

Ambitions and Goals

If you can find just one all-important ambition you will have found your purpose in life, your self esteem will grow and you will see meaning in what you are doing. Life will become easier and more enjoyable. Finding direction and working towards a positive ambition can change your attitude and transform you into someone with purpose so please follow your ambition and don't let anyone stop you, trust yourself and each time you succeed no matter how small you will grow your self esteem.

            Karl Perera


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