Newsletter December 2003

This is the Christmas newsletter written by me (Karl Perera). It seems to have come round so quick this year, doesn't it? Here's a quick look at what you can find in this issue:


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 "Have a Self Esteem Christmas!"

What's this about! Well, Christmas is about giving isn't it? So, how about giving self esteem as a gift this Christmas?

When you're looking for a gift for someone special choose something that will send a self esteem message, that will show them that someone appreciates them and is thinking about them. Thank someone for their friendship in the card you attach to the present. Take a few extra moments to think about what you write in your cards. At this time of year most of us are tired and need a boost. Boost your friend's or partner's esteem by telling them how important they are in your life. 

The present you choose will also convey your message. What should you buy? Perhaps you want to encourage someone in their efforts to learn something new or improve the quality of their life. Perhaps your friend or partner has been thinking about starting a new hobby or developing an interest, give them a push in the right direction and help them to enrich their time with an informative book on the subject. A book is a great present if carefully chosen. How about a motivational book? What better gift could there be than helping someone to develop themselves and become a happier person. Be careful to choose something the person really will accept happily.

Any gift that will pamper your friend or partner says you really appreciate that person. Give a little luxury! Spend just a little bit more to find a quality item if you can but in the end the thought counts most! It does not have to be expensive. Any gift carries good wishes and love with it.

Think about one person this Christmas who is not expecting a present from you. They will be so thrilled to receive something and you will be giving them a lift. Everyone who receives a gift will experience the feelings that come with it, self esteem increases because the recipient knows someone values them as a person. The whole Christmas experience can spread self esteem. Do not get me wrong, receiving a present is not the most important thing, giving is. When you give, especially after thinking carefully about your choice of present, will lift you, will make you feel more positive and your own self esteem will rise. 

Likewise treat yourself this Christmas! Tell yourself that you deserve whatever it is you want this year, spoil yourself, take the opportunity to love yourself a little and thank God for who you are, for your friends and loved ones, for your life and for the gift of Christmas!

Have a great one and see you next year. I hope you experience self esteem this holiday!  


            Karl Perera


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