Newsletter November 2003

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"Success depends on your self esteem"

When I first thought about starting this website three years ago I came to this conclusion:

What is the most important factor that determines a person's success in life?

- my answer was that the most important thing is a person's self esteem - from this everything else comes. Think about it. How can you succeed if you do not believe in yourself? To believe in yourself you need to value yourself or you will fail at the first hurdle.

Your self esteem will affect your ability to succeed in so many ways:

- New challenges are so much easy to take on with self belief and confidence. Lack this belief and you may not even start your new project.

- Poor self esteem will mean you may feel that success is beyond you or worse that you don't deserve to succeed. If you have such low self esteem it is probably extremely likely that you will not succeed no matter how you try. You may even allow others to seize the chance to succeed in your place confirming your fears that they were more worthy than you. 

- If you have a very poor opinion of yourself you will often hesitate and make unnecessary mistakes when a direct confident approach would be more suitable. Likewise hesitation could give you the opportunity to doubt yourself and either waste time, miss opportunities or fail to go through with the task. At its extreme, lack of self belief stemming from your low self esteem could cause you to give up at any stage.

- A high level of self esteem will enable you to conquer any form of self doubt and will be armour against any other person's criticism or doubt. You will simply trust your own judgement and be sure that you can and will succeed. You will also feel success is due you and that you fully deserve to succeed. 

- Self esteem is all about how you feel about yourself and your value, your contribution. If you feel you are worthy of success and you have a contribution to make, if you feel that your opinions and efforts are valuable others are more likely to agree and support you. When others are ith you instead of against you your confidence and moral will receive an almighty boost doubling every effort you make! In addition a higher level of self esteem means you will not be fighting against yourself, your inner doubts and objections will fade and you will be satisfied with everything you do and achieve no matter how small. Success is built upon small steps in achievement but you need the correct positive attitude to continue and self esteem is the key.

So what are you waiting for? Improve and work on your self esteem, your confidence will increase and your self belief will help not hinder you and before you know it others will help you too. You can make a difference but first you must take a long hard look at your self esteem. I hope my website has inspired and helped you. 

I hope you have enjoyed this article and I look forward to hearing from you with your comments

            Karl Perera


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