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Can't believe it's September already! And it's time for another newsletter, this issue you can read my new article "Don't feel guilty about building your self esteem!" I hope you will find it interesting and helpful.

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"Don't feel guilty about building your self esteem!"

by Karl Perera

In past articles we have talked about how important self esteem is and how you can go about improving it. In this article I would like to touch on the subject of objections you or others may have to improving self esteem.  

Maybe you have felt a bit guilty about trying to improve yourself or have others have suggested it is a selfish goal. Maybe your religious beliefs somehow cause you to doubt the validity of devoting yourself to developing your confidence and opinion of yourself. I would like to try to touch on all of these points and put your mind at rest because I too have felt this guilt.

Let's look at sources of guilt -

- If you have a poor view of yourself it will be very unlikely that you will view others in a better way. To respect others you should first respect yourself.

- If you are depressed or negative and without confidence you will not be much help or comfort to others.

- In order to succeed at something you need confidence and a positive attitude.

- If you are negative in your outlook your aims and goals will be very limited and small. 

- If you have little faith in yourself why should you have faith in others?

With respect to religion, if you believe in God, no matter which religion you are, do you think that God would be happy to see you depressed, unhappy, defeated and without any confidence? It is written somewhere that God helps those who help themselves. Make high self esteem your priority but at the same time aim to help others improve there's too. Want others to be successful and happy. We all deserve it, we are all equal. 

One final thing, love. I think love is behind every good action. If you want to love you must also be able to love yourself. This is not contrary to your religious beliefs if you think about it. If you believe you were made by God, loving yourself as well as others is loving the one who made you.                    

            Karl Perera


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