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Newsletter August 2003


Sorry to those of you who were waiting for the July issue of this newsletter - it is rather late because I have been home in England on holiday and then on returning have been trying to catch up with answering the email I have received during the last few weeks. I have also been working on a minor redesign of the website which I hope to have up and running very soon, I hope its going to make finding things on the site much easier for you.

On with this newsletter then, the subject of my article this month is "Self Esteem and Self Confidence, are they the same thing?"

Hope you like this issue and will visit more self esteem again soon!

Karl Perera

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Self Esteem and Self Confidence, are they the same thing? by Karl Perera

I've had several emails asking about the relationship between self esteem and self confidence so in this article I will discuss the connection or similarity that exists between these two important subjects.

Karl Perera


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