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The article this month is about parents and self esteem. Read it below!

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Article "Parents and Self Esteem !" by Karl Perera

It's definitely true that your parents affect your general level of self esteem. Some people struggle with low self esteem all their lives because of how their parents treated them when they were children. Even after you have grown and got your own family if you see them or speak to them regularly they still probably have a profound effect on you. I received an email recently from someone whose parents "ridiculed" him, another whose parents constantly "put him down". My parents, on the other hand, always wanted me to do better. I thought I wasn't good enough, I was always trying to do better, I have had to work on myself to allow myself to be satisfied with what I have achieved and to enjoy achievement.

Next month, in part two of this article, I will give a few ideas on how you can break free of your parent's influence and develop your self esteem. Don't think this is only for those whose parents have really got a hold over them or who have mistreated them, this is for you all! In the meantime why not Build your Self Confidence  with Hypnosis downloads? - quick, easy and guaranteed (prepared by experienced psychologists and gets my full recommendation)

How can parents help their children to have more self esteem?

I am a parent and know how difficult it can be to always try and encourage them. What can you as a parent do to improve your child's self esteem? Here are a few of the most important points:

There will be a lot more about Children and self esteem on the website in the future so stay tuned!

Finally, what about parent's self esteem? 

Parents are also affected by the family situation and how their children behave and relate with them. You can blame yourself for your child's failure or you can question your handling of a problem or argument. You can have self doubts at every stage. Being a parent has brought to light a number of personal problem areas which otherwise I wouldn't have known existed. Being a good parent, I think, means trying to teach your children the best you can in order that they will learn to help themselves and have confidence in their abilities and independence. We all fail sometimes. If you fail (or believe you have) you must try again and not give up. Try to improve yourself and the situation. Remember, your children need you and love you. They often take us for granted but, if you persevere one day they will be grateful you did and your reward will be seeing them trying to be even better parents. Give your kids every help with their self esteem and you will also be helping build your own.

Next month: part two: breaking free of your parent's influence and developing your self esteem 

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Karl Perera


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