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The article this month is about procrastination and self esteem. Read it below!

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Article "Procrastination and Self Esteem !" by Karl Perera

Procrastination, the act of putting off important tasks, is sure to hurt your self esteem. Avoiding difficult or challenging actions may be preventing you from taking steps to improve your self esteem and affect positive change in your life. So let's take a look at procrastination, its effects, why we do it and how to overcome it.

How Procrastination Affects your Self Esteem

By avoiding things you know you should do or by postponing them when you should be facing them now

Why Procrastination?

Why do you procrastinate? A few reasons:

How to Overcome Procrastination

To overcome procrastination you need to first get over the fear that is holding you back. I have often found that the only way to do this is to go ahead despite any fear you have. If this fear is too severe talking helps. Your self esteem will always suffer if you give in to fear so challenge it and do it anyway!

List the things you need to do and prioritise them so you can see which are most important and others which can wait. Get started now! Your self esteem will increase as you begin to attend to the things you have been avoiding.

Overcoming procrastination is easier if you start setting goals. Break your goals down into smaller achievable parts and start working on them ASAP. Delay leads to self doubt and worry, this is why procrastination is a big problem and destroys potential. The best solution is action!

Planning goals and prioritising them is the way forward. This will ensure you are giving thought and time to achieving your wishes and allowing yourself to head in the direction you choose. This can only lead to a greater sense of control over your choices in life and therefore increase self esteem.

Until next month,

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Karl Perera

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