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Issue #100 / March-2011
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It's not who you are that holds you back, it's who you think you're not.

~Author Unknown

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I'm back with the 100th. issue of my Newsletter this week!

I can't believe I've sent out that many over the years. I wonder how many of you received the very first one and have stayed with me all these years?? If you'd like to take a look at the very first issue I sent out here is my first Self Esteem Newsletter

Spring seems to be here now where I am and with the lifting of winter I hope you are inspired by nature herself to start afresh. I hope there's something for you here that motivates you to be who you need to be.

Enjoy and Take care,

Karl Perera

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"What problems or questions about Depression would you like me to answer in my book?"

Please send your number one question or problem about depression and I'll give you the results. A FREE GIFT to everyone who answers this.

Send me your answer or just reply to the email I sent you.


Your Comments 
A few comments I received recently:

"Karl, you make me wiser every week. Thank you.
Don't you stop. Greetings to your son who wrote that article, The Near Life Experience I cannot forget it."
- Aida

"Thank you so much for the mesage, I'm very inspired. As I listen and watch these videos I felt tears in my eyes.

Thank you once again for the help I have recieved from your mesages thus far, the world needs people like you, and I feel I am lucky to be part of your society, I will cherish all the mesages and share them with those who are in need of such inspiration."

- LS

I want to say something about the above:

"I am so glad that so many people feel inspired by my weekly messages and it is a pleasure to send them out to you. I am also humbled when I hear comments like those above, I am just trying to do some good and I love to hear your stories of success.

To everyone who has emailed me, a huge thank you!"

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