Newsletter February 2003

Hi and welcome to my latest newsletter. I have been working hard to complete my new website which will deal with depression.  Should be up this week or next! The site will deal with depression and what you can do if you suffer from it. I hope you will take the time to visit it when its online. The site is called More about the launch soon!

My article this month is about self esteem and selfishness. Some people seem to believe that self esteem and selfishness are the same thing but how wrong could they be! Read the article below... 

Hope you like this issue and will visit again soon!

Karl Perera

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2. Article "Self Esteem is not selfish!" 

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4. A Prayer for Peace


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Article "Self Esteem is not Selfish!" by Karl Perera

I received an email a month or two ago claiming that self esteem is selfish and that I in fact was encouraging people to become selfish and that I in fact was selfish. This is a common mistake. If you want to improve yourself it is not selfish to look for happiness and self esteem. It is only selfish if you obsess about it and get so wrapped up in yourself you ignore others desires. 

Why is self esteem vital?

The Bible teaches that everyone is entitled to a high level of self esteem - for we are all special and equal. 

Low self esteem, low self confidence and depression are three evils that stop us from being what we can be and obstruct us from giving our best to the world. If you have the right attitude you will seek to improve yourself so that you can give more to those around you and to the world at large. This is an unselfish view.

Selfishness is sticking with low esteem and confidence and remaining afraid to open up and confront these problems. The result can be depression, anger, frustration and withdrawal. Withdrawn and depressed individuals are not likely to give much of themselves and are likely to hide away and avoid life and relationships. This is very selfish.

Focusing on yourself and your problems too much is also selfish and not helpful to you. Give yourself a break and focus on elevating your self esteem but don't obsess. Click here for a course in self confidence

How will increasing my self esteem help me be less selfish?

Build your self esteem and be less selfish! Give to others and you will receive twice as much back.

If you have low self esteem or poor self respect how can you respect or love others? Fix this and you open the way to a new life of unselfishness.

See you next month,

Health and happiness to you and your family in 2003. 

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A Prayer for Peace

This is a quote from a Turkish newspaper this week:

Please think about it - America mourned 7 deaths with great sadness (justly) but the newspaper asked weren't the 7000 Afghanis people too? Aren't Iraqis also?

In Turkey 90% are against a war and Turkey will lose billions of dollars maybe as much as 50-100 billion. Still the Turkish government is giving in to US pressure to help. The US has offered Turkey 5-15 billion dollars compensation according to its level of cooperation. 

We should all examine our consciences and demand our politicians do the morally right thing. Please let's pray for peace and not rush to war.

 In the Bible it says "blessed are the peacemakers" There must be a better way than war and death. God bless you.


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